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Scene from "Charming Girl No More"

Here is the first scene in part II of "Charming Girl No More." We meet the brilliant but angry Alba Ayfray, director of the Bureau of Safety, who searches for a way to chemical alter woman's minds so they stop making 'bad' decisions. But Alba is interrupted by her co-direct Hugo Purr who has some bad news.

Part II: The UndergroundAlba in her LabAlba looked up from her microscope. “What do you mean, ’compromised?’” she said, making a excruciating squeak as she pushed her metal stool back from her lab bench. “Uh. Well. It s-seems someone got inside it,” Hugo said, looking at his loafers. “Someone got inside the Dark Room?” “They are out. They are out. Now,” Hugo put his hands up, fingers splayed in front of him as if to ward off an aggressive force coming at him. Hugo didn’t know where to look. He wanted to avoid seeing the dark, sleepy shapes that seemed to be whimpering quietly on the cots behind Alba’s workbench. Hugo caught a glimpse of a hand from one cot reaching …