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Ah Parenthood. The happy moments, the milestones, and...the Meltdowns! Offered this Spring! Grumpy PARENTS Story Camp. Six evening classes.

The Joys of parenthood and the wisdom gleaned from this magical experience are limitless. Seriously. There is no end to what can be learned, celebrated, laughed at and puzzled over when raising children. While I am grateful for this opportunity for 'character building' 24/7, I have had to dig deep and figure out tricks in order to (1) remember when my child made the huge developmental leaps, (2) stay coherent and productive when I am so tired I can't remember my name or where I put the clean laundry, (3) help my child through some of the tough and morally craggy lessons with custom made stories, and (4) laugh and myself and MOVE ON.
I have been teaching kids( through art, theater, French, English) about the importance of stories, communication and finding their voice but then, one day, I had a brainstorm to work with YOU, the parents, on those ideas. Because, as earlier stated, the stories about our kids and families are endless.
**Grumpy Parents Story Camp**

Here is a new…
Here is a quick sketch of Dahmay, a friend of mine. She is at once very imposing ( She is 30 feet tall with a wing span of 40 feet.), compassionate and exceedingly wise. Dahmay is a Noble Dragon which means, among other things, that her fire is curative and creative. As opposed the maelstrom force, destructive fire of the Greedy Dragons.Dahmay is a friend to all. Even though the Grumpy Pirates got her stuck in enchanted pink clay pots--(they felt really badly about that!) she helps them out when they are in a pinch or are very confused and, therefore, grumpy.
Coming Soon: Excerpts from "How I met Dahmay," "The Grumpy Pirates and the Pink Clay Pots," and "Dahmay and Peak, the blue armadillo".

Welcome to all Grumpy Pirates! Summer Camps and After School classes in San Francisco

Grumpy Pirates, Story Camps and tutoring with Eleanor ScottDragon Story Saturdays and Sundays-for ages 3.5-5Grumpy Pirate After School-for ages 5 and upSeriously Grumpy Pirates- for Grades 2-5The Hip and Fabulous- for Grades 6-8*NEW*Grumpy Parents Story Camp-(evenings) for all parents.Story Camp is a creative, energized series of workshops that include writing, improvisation, art and trust games and exercises. The primary objectives of Story Camps are to learn how to tell good stories, to boost confidence and to make new friends. Simultaneously, we sneak in some academic study of writing composition, public speaking and collaboration. But, we keep that on the down low lest it starts to feel a bit too much like s-c-h-o-o-l.Given the time, space and the correct mix of engaging projects and enlightened pedagogy, all students, no matter the age, can find their own voice and express it beautifully. A typical day a Story Camp might include: * Morning check-in: quote of the day, word of the …