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Charming Girl No More Chapter 1

Charming Girl No More by Eleanor Scott is a young adult novel presented here serially.
Charming Girl No More By Eleanor Scott ©2011

Part I  Chattingtrook

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.

Chapter 1: Crying in Class Charming Girl was so late to school that she was tempted to run, but she didn’t have her helmet. (How bad would that be? Headlines read: "BoS Poster Girl Breaks Core Rule in Public.") So she just walked very quickly. Usually she loved striding briskly through the pristine, geometric streets of Feteville, the capital of Chattingtrook, along with all the students and workers walking silently to their assigned jobs. The simple grays of the concrete always complemented the dashing blue of the sky. The endless tinted mirror glass on the buildings reflected the morning commuters. Today, though, the throng seemed not only bigger but much less festive. The unsmiling, closed faces surrounding her gave her a foreboding feel…