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Report from SFFS GP Story Camp. Having a wonderful time!

Grumpy Pirates Story Camp with Esme, Katie, Riley, Sophie and Dora is AMAZING! We all wish we could do this for many more days!
Excerpt from Day One: 3:10pm Right now they( all but Esme—she had a dentist appt.) are playing on their own having invented an amazing narrative/ story about a family of rabbits. (See short video) where the baby bunny,Lelo(Sophie) wants to run away because she didn’t want to go to bunny classes. Classes on how to be a successful bunny. Faxi(Dora) was making dinner. There were some herbs that they were going to slow. Now Lelo escaped her prison and Katie, the bunny teacher, and Flaxy(Riley) are looking at a map to try and find Lelo.“Carrot seeds are found in deep, wooded areas,” says Katie the bunny teacher.Went to show the kids where the bathroom was and we went quietly to avoid predators. Unfortunately, on the way back we met a wolf.Doing favorite and least favorite words( because kids are so young there is much less interest to write things down) Ended up d…

Still a few spots left for Grumpy Pirate Story Camp! July 26-30 at San Francisco Friends School Open to all!

Hi Everyone!
Time is a-ticking until Grumpy Pirates Story Camp sets sail!
In two weeks we will embark on a journey of writing stories, telling stories(I have some about my dragon, Dahmay[see above] and Grumpy Pirates as I know a few very well...), inventing characters, learning new words and characters, writing BADLY, learning each other's favorite and unfavorite things, making sock puppets, collages, watercolors, improv. games( like Guess My Secret, Expert Interview and Alien Talk Show, to mention a few...) and possibly writing a play together!
Our mother-ship of narrative adventure is the cool and fabulous San Francisco Friends School. And, believe it or not, there are still a few spots left on our Grumpy Pirate Ship. Sailors are going into grades 2-4. The days are 8:30 to 4pm. It's $400 for the week.
If you are interested call me, 510 333 5519 or email with any questions. If you are ready to sign up, here is the link…