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Clean Slate Parenting 1 3/2/16 We begin. The art of clean slate parenting. The other day my son, AndrĂ©, who is nearly 10 years old, and I were talking about growth mindset vs fixed mindset. (Many thanks to Carol Dweck for her visionary book, “Mindset”.)  I asked if he felt like he had a fixed mindset for any of his subjects in school. Because, I told  him, I had a fixed mindset about other things (housekeeping, some yoga poses, zumba, earning money ) and I had a growth mindset about some things (parenting, sculpture, meditation, performing).  We agreed that some parts of our life are bathed in the light of growth mindset and that  some parts that were clamped down by a fixed mindset. If you have a growth mindset, you see failures as opportunities  to learn and grow as opposed to final judgments about your character. If you have a fixed mindset, when you fail you have proved to the world that you are a sham and not worth anything.  They are teaching the 4th an
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Be Tell Write: improv and creative writing for adults

BTW- Be-Tell-Write with Eleanor Scott A hybrid creative writing and improvisation class. Be in the moment.  Tell and listen.  Write it down.  Repeat. Classes meet the 6:30-8:30pm Thursdays (every other)  March 26, April 9, April 23, May 14, May 28 2015 @ St James Episcopal Church (Parrish Hall, downstairs)  4620 California St (at 8 th Ave) San Francisco, CA 94118 $35 for drop-in; $150 for the series Qs? ***On the Thursdays we do not meet in person. There will be an online offering with writing prompts and homework. (Examples: 1.This week, watch people around you and describe a gesture that is hard to decipher. 2. Write down a crazy story that still makes you laugh. 3. Go to a cafĂ© by yourself. Look around.)*** Trying to be present in our  lives and not flee from trickiness is difficult and elusive. However, when achieved, what a calm, cool pay off. Studying the art of honest listening (improv.) and writing down exactly what you see, he

Scene from "Charming Girl No More"

Here is the first scene in part II of "Charming Girl No More." We meet the brilliant but angry Alba Ayfray, director of the Bureau of Safety, who searches for a way to chemical alter woman's minds so they stop making 'bad' decisions. But Alba is interrupted by her co-direct Hugo Purr who has some bad news. Part II: The Underground Alba in her Lab Alba looked up from her microscope.      “What do you mean, ’compromised?’” she said, making a excruciating squeak as she pushed her metal stool back from her lab bench.      “Uh. Well. It s-seems someone got inside it,” Hugo said, looking at his loafers.      “Someone got inside the Dark Room?”      “They are out. They are out. Now,” Hugo put his hands up, fingers splayed in front of him as if to ward off an aggressive force coming at him. Hugo didn’t know where to look. He wanted to avoid seeing the dark, sleepy shapes that seemed to be whimpering quietly on the cots behind Alba’s workbench. Hugo caught a

Charming Girl No More Chapter 1

Charming Girl No More by Eleanor Scott is a young adult novel presented here serially.   Charming Girl No More By Eleanor Scott ©2011 Part I  Chattingtrook One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. Nietzsche Chapter 1: Crying in Class      Charming Girl was so late to school that she was tempted to run, but she didn’t have her helmet. (How bad would that be? Headlines read: "BoS Poster Girl Breaks Core Rule in Public.") So she just walked very quickly. Usually she loved striding briskly through the pristine, geometric streets of Feteville, the capital of Chattingtrook, along with all the students and workers walking silently to their assigned jobs. The simple grays of the concrete always complemented the dashing blue of the sky. The endless tinted mirror glass on the buildings reflected the morning commuters. Today, though, the throng seemed not only bigger but much less festive. The

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Commission a personalized dragon painting and story!

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Commission a personalized Dragon story and dragon portrait featuring your kids as the noble dragons! Eleanor will interview you about your children's interests and personalities and she will create a dragon story and portrait completely unique to your family. For more information and prices, contact Eleanor at ( Note: for information on Grumpy Pirates Summer Camps 2012 scroll to the next post .) Dragon story excerpt: from "Kiran meets Graham, Ash and Noel, the dragon brothers" “Kiran. Cool name,” Graham said flying closer, “How come you don’t know about greedy dragons? And burning fire and stuff?” “I don’t know. I was raised by humans…so, they didn’t know as much about…” “HUMANS?” Ash and Noel shouted together. “Those tiny, teeny creatures?” Noel said. “And they can’t even fly, right? They don’t have any wings, right?” Ash said. “And they are so, so tiny, small,”

Grumpy Pirates Summer 2012

Grumpy Pirates Summer Camps 2012 STORIES *ART * IMPROV * TRUTH * FUN Five days a week 9:15-2pm $400 for the week( sliding scale available ) Location: St James Church 4620 California St(@ 8 th Ave)   July 9- 13 Art & Story Camp for grades K-4 July 16-20 Art & Story Camp for grades1-5 July 23-27 Star Wars Camp grades K-3 *** Special BONUS Family Art Session Fridays 2-4pm*** Eleanor Scott, Director Registration Form Return this form with deposit (20% of total payment) Name of Student___________________________________ School and Grade(entering)_________________________ Name and Address of parents/guardians)_____________________ Name and Address of parents/guardians)_____________________ Best phone number(s) for contact___________________________ Email address(es)_______________________________________ Week of camp registering for:_______________________