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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon! Commission a personalized dragon painting and story!

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon!

Commission a personalized Dragon story and dragon portrait
featuring your kids as the noble dragons!

Eleanor will interview you about your children's interests and personalities and she will create a dragon story and portrait completely unique to your family.
For more information and prices, contact Eleanor at

(Note: for information on Grumpy Pirates Summer Camps 2012 scroll to the next post.)

Dragon story excerpt: from "Kiran meets Graham, Ash and Noel, the dragon brothers"

“Kiran. Cool name,” Graham said flying closer, “How come you don’t know about greedy dragons? And burning fire and stuff?”

“I don’t know. I was raised by humans…so, they didn’t know as much about…”

“HUMANS?” Ash and Noel shouted together.

“Those tiny, teeny creatures?” Noel said.

“And they can’t even fly, right? They don’t have any wings, right?” Ash said.

“And they are so, so tiny, small,” Noel said.

“Hey, you guys. Stop,” Graham said, “That’s not polite.”

“It’s true.” Ash said, “they are only about this big.”

All three brothers looked at Kiran.

“They are bigger than that,” Kiran said, “And the ones who raised me are great. They were amazing. Not greedy.” Then, after a pause, Kiran said: “I think there are greedy humans too. But not Eli and Livvy…”

Ash whispered to Noel: “How can anything that tiny be greedy?”

“They are just wingless, little specks,” Noel whispered back.

“Come on, you guys, quit it,” Graham said, “how would YOU feel if someone was saying something about Mom or Dad?”

“Not good,” Ash said barely audibly.

After an awkward silence, Noel and Ash said they were sorry. Kiran smiled.

“Don’t mind my brothers,” Graham said.

“You all are brothers?” Kiran said astounded.

“Yeah. Of course,” Noel said, “even though we are different colors, we are brothers.”

“I didn’t know dragons could have brothers and sisters,” Kiran said.

(Written and painted November/ December 2012 )


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