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Grumpy Pirates Summer 2012

Grumpy Pirates Summer Camps 2012
Five days a week 9:15-2pm
$400 for the week(sliding scale available)
Location: St James Church 4620 California St(@ 8th Ave) 
July 9- 13 Art & Story Camp for grades K-4
July 16-20 Art & Story Camp for grades1-5
July 23-27 Star Wars Camp grades K-3
*** Special BONUS Family Art Session Fridays 2-4pm***
Eleanor Scott, Director

Registration Form
Return this form with deposit (20% of total payment)

Name of Student___________________________________

School and Grade(entering)_________________________

Name and Address of parents/guardians)_____________________

Name and Address of parents/guardians)_____________________

Best phone number(s) for contact___________________________
Email address(es)_______________________________________

Week of camp registering for:___________________________

Deposit amount enclosed:  $_____________________________

Allergies or special considerations for your child:

Questions or concerns: (either write a note here or drop a line to and we can set up a phone date)

Are you interested in hearing about the seminar series Nonlinear Parents? This is a new set of evening classes(fall 2012) for parents reviewing ways to support innovation in our children and ourselves.   YES    NO  

Grumpy Pirates offers a creative, energized series of classes and camps that include writing, improvisation, art and trust games. The primary objectives of Story Camps are to explore different ways we each tell stories, to create and perform new narratives, to boost confidence and to make new friends. Simultaneously, we sneak in some academic study of writing composition, public speaking, visual art and collaboration. But, we keep that on the down low lest it starts to feel a bit too much like …
Given the time, space and the correct mix of engaging projects and enlightened pedagogy, all students, no matter the age, can find their own voice and express it beautifully.
* For the Art and Story camps, we will study specific artists as well as learn some techniques with various media. For these weeks the stories are those of the artists and cultures we study.
* While Story Camp will have some art projects, the emphasis will be on writing and figuring out how each student best tells their own stories. Is it through images, cartoons, novels, solo performance or dance?
* Star Wars Creative is a camp that combines visual art and beginning theater /improv. Our entry point is Star Wars.
*For the role playing quotient, along with improv games and introduction to acting, we will get in a little yoga and meditation because, hey, there's a reason that Yoda sounds a lot like yoga...
*We will also discuss the ins and outs of working toward being a Jedi and using the force. And indeed there will be discussion of the Dark side and the million dollar question: Why did Anakin succomb to the dark Side?
*As to Why I have created this Star Wars creative:because of my son’s devotion and fascination in Star Wars, the stories, ships, and characters, that he started to draw, paint and explore visual expression voraciously. Previously he was less than interested in drawing and building. We would read a Star Wars book and immediately afterward, he would get a huge piece of paper out and start drawing. (My artist and mother’s heart did a happy dance.). Not only did Star Wars inspire drawing but André also became a wonderful actor and story teller in his room and in our house. He spends hours telling and acting out stories that have Star Wars characters as the jumping off point. Thus I wanted to include some other compatriots who enjoy these great stories.
*I want to encourage all campers to discover and create their own worlds and narratives. Star Wars is a starting point and I welcome all other inspiring stories, both real and imagined to be told, written and performed. If your child is not a devotee of Star Wars but a fan of a strong narratives, they are always welcome to Grumpy Pirates.


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